Friday, April 16, 2010

Top 10 Bestsellers 2010

Reading any book is a great way to relax, and leave the ordinary world behind, there is something magical about a bestseller. In order to fascinate so many people, a book has to be really well written - characters have to be vividly portrayed, their adventures and misadventures have to be believable - and engrossing. The protagonist has to engage the reader - otherwise nobody would care what happens to him. So any book that becomes a bestseller is likely to have done lots of things right.
You will find here latest books by the masters of the craft - like Dan Brown or Stephen King, or Jeff Kinney
, Julia Childs and her 2 volume French Cooking, but also newcomers Sarah Palin with her book Going Rogue, political comentator Glenn Beck's Arguing with Idiots, or Greg Mortensen's Stones into Schools - about promoting peace in Afghanistan - with books, not arms.

Best Selling Books 1-5

Bestsellers 6-10


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