Monday, August 23, 2010


Even with the innovation of technology, reading books has never been old to everyone. It is loved ever since man was able to create and decipher symbols. Reading is always been the accompanying vessel to gain knowledge and new things. Scholars and learned men if not with their studies rely mostly on books. Today, books go with the technology. Reference books are updated yearly to ensure everyone that the information does not run out of time.

Many of us want to know what are the best-selling books of all time. The following 10 best-selling books is based on the beginning of the time books are popularized up to the present time:

1. The Bible (all versions combined) - was first published 300 B.C.- 95 A.D. and sold approximately from 2.5 billion - 6 billion.

2. The Qur'an (Koran) - published around 610 - 632 A.D. with approximately 800 million sales.

3. Quotations from Chairman Mao (The Red Little Book) Quotations from Mao Zedong; collected by the PLA Daily of the People's Liberation Army and signed by Lin Bao. It was published on 1964 and sold 800 million - 900 million copies.

4. Xinhua Xiadian (Xinhua Dictionary) - compiled and edited by Wei Jiangong. It was published on 1957 and sold 400 million copies.

5. Chairman Mao's Poems - written and collected by Mao Zedong on 1966 and sold around 400 million copies worldwide.

6. Selected Articles of Mao Zedong - another book from Mao Zedong which sold 252.5 million copies. It was published on 1966.

7. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dicken's most popular book published on 1859 with 200 million copies sold.

8.The Lord of the Rings - before Frodo completed his journey and earned box office popularity in cinemas, it was first a book written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published on 1954-1955. It sold over 150 million copies worldwide. 

9. The Book of Mormons - published on 1830 and sold 150 million copies.

10. What does the Bible Really Teach? - the book of the Jehova's Witnesses, published on 2005 and sold 130 million.

source: wikipedia